Shipping and returns policy

Prices and Shipping

The prices that appear on the website include the VAT (Value Added Tax) per the tax rate on the day of purchase. Any offers or promotions will be clearly marked to identify the original price and the sale price.

The prices on the website do not include shipping costs. Shipping is separate and will differ depending on delivery location. These shipping charges will be calculated before the order is complete and included in the final order cost.

Beauty Solutions SL maintains the right to modify their prices at any time, Prices however will not be modified after purchase and order is complete.  Depending on the availability of products and In the case of unforeseen circumstances with the personalization of products or issues in the destination country changes may occur the following time frame:
Spain: 2-3 working days, Europe: 4-5 business days, international: 7-10 working days with maximum period of 30 days from the date of the confirmation of order.

Payment Methods

All payments made through the website can be processed via credit, debit or PayPal. The payment will take place after the order is finalized and all card information is correctly entered. With payment through PayPal the payment will be completed once the user information has been entered and clicked accept.
All payment made through debit or credit care are secure.
Every transaction is encrypted through a validation server bank using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol, thus, credit card details are encrypted on your computer before being sent to the SSL protocol. No one can use your data without your authorization, as the information is unreadable. As an increased safety measure, customer data is not stored on our server, so the information is reentered with every order.

The users of the website will put in the following details to place and order:

-The credit or debit card number
-The expiration date of the card
-The 3 digit CVC security code.
When choosing to pay with PayPal the user will automatically be taken to the payment page of PayPal to complete the transaction. Beauty Solutions SL is not responsible for the content on external webpages including but not limited to PayPal.

Beauty Solutions SL reserves the right to deny any orders in the following circumstances:

-If there is an existing conflict with a customer, including the missing payments of previous orders
-If the payment is denied by the customers banking institution.
-If the payment is only partial or not fully completed.


Due to the nature of the products, Cosmetic and Beauty items (including but not limited to cream, make-up, lotions, gels, shampoo etc) will only be accepted as a return in original and sealed packaging for hygienic and health concerns. We will not accept returns of containers, tubes, jars, boxes, bottles that have been opened. Beauty Solutions SL reserves the right to refuse items that the customer has used or damaged.

Beauty Solutions SL takes full responsibility for defective products. If you had received any damage products, please contact us via email or telephone, within 14 days of the order date indicating the defects and including the following Return Request form, and we will send you back a brand-new product, completely for free.

After receiving the form, our customer service representative will register the return and you will receive an email within 5 working days with instructions for return or Exchange of the defective product.



Return Request Form

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Order date:

Reason for return (detail exactly the defect found)

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