All pregnant women know what they put on their body is just as important as what they put into it for the health and well being of their growing baby, unfortunately there are little pregnancy specific or pregnancy safe beauty products to address skin care needs during this special time.  Its most likely you don’t always feel that pregnancy glow everyone talks about! With all the extra hormonal activity, your skin is stretched, blotchy, dry, hyperpigmentation and facing adult acne. These are just some of the reasons why proper skin care is more important than ever during pregnancy.

At Yoffee Care we looked at some of the common pregnancy issues and came up with some tips to help combat the most frequent pregnancy skin care problems.

1.- Acne

Pregnancy and pimples seem to go hand in hand for expecting moms. Acne is the number one skin care issue for women during their pregnancy as your hormones will be all out of whack! Many acne fighting products are off limits due to benzoyl peroxide and retinoids which should be avoided during pregnancy. We recommend fighting these blemishes with face washes and spot treatments with Glycolic acid which functions primarily as an exfoliant and penetrates the dead, damaged cells on the skin’s surface and loosens the glue-like structures that bind this dead skin to the rest of the epidermis (topmost layer of skin).

2.- Stretch Marks

Probably the most feared and notorious pregnancy skin care issue and they can linger around after your baby is born.  Although they do not affect all women and there is no sure-fire way to avoid stretchmarks during pregnancy, however there are certainly ways to prevent and minimize the appearance of those nasty lines. The proven most effective solution are natural body oils. Oil penetrates deeper into the skin faster than creams, lotions and body butters it reaches the inner layers where skin stretching and separation takes place. It is best to choose an all natural oil.  The nourishing body oil makes the skin supple and smooth, with the rapid weight gain this elasticity from the suppleness will minimize the risk and appearance of stretchmarks.

3.- PUPPP (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy)

A lesser known skin care problem during pregnancy is the itchiness and irritation usually centered on the stomach.  The itchiness comes from the stretching of skin PUPPP. While PUPPP isn’t dangerous, and it often resolves soon after delivery, it can be incredibly uncomfortable, there is no cure for PUPPP but the itchiness can be soothed by proper moisturizing of the skin. Avoid moisturizers that have ingredients which not baby-friendly, it is preferable to look for all natural and organic products. Repairing Oils deeply moisturize and promote relaxation while deeply nourishes the skin to help calm and ease the symptoms of PUPPP.

4.- Pregnancy Mask

A very frustrating pregnancy skin problem is Melasma, due to its high visibility on the face- it is more commonly known as “pregnancy mask” these are dark patches of pigmented skin that appear on the face in a mask like pattern. This Pregnancy skin care problem is also from the increase in hormones. The best way to avoid this hyper pigmentation is to be extra vigilant in your sun protection, protect your skin from the sun and always remember to wear sunscreen and facial creams with SPF.

5.- Spider and Varicose Veins

Are another skin care problem that many women face during pregnancy, blood flow will increase when you get pregnant this paired with the weight gain pressing on the veins can cause varicose veins. The best way to minimize varicose veins is to exercise regularly during the pregnancy and rest your legs as often as possible throughout the pregnancy including avoiding standing for long periods of time.

6.- Cracked and Dry Feet

Moisturizing is key in pregnancy skin care, even though as the weeks pass by in might become harder to touch your toes much less constantly moisturize them. With swollen feet, there will be increased pressure on the heels causing them to expand and crack, this is uncomfortable and painful. One way to deal with this skin care problem is foot soaks with essential oils and Epson salts to replenish some of the moisture, or a professional pedicure is always a good idea!

Finally, good skin care comes from within, for the most radiant pregnant glow it is important to have a clean and nutrient rich diet full of fresh food. It is important to avoid toxins and additives whenever possible.

Skin care problems are just one of the unpleasant sides of pregnancy, but with these simple suggestions and products, you can keep your pregnancy glow!